Compliant Nutrition & Health Drink Saffron Badam 500g, Refill


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  • Complan is a nutritional and health drink for babies with a clinically proven formula that supports concentration and memory and delivers 2X faster growth
  • Contains 100% milk protein which is a high quality protein. Use it to make healthy protein drinks for kids
  • Contains 34 important nutrients
  • Nutrients such as iodine, iron and vitamin B12 help in the development and functioning of the brain.
  • Nutrients such as vitamins A, E and C support immune function.
  • Can be consumed with milk or water.
  • Available in 4 delicious flavors – Royal Chocolate, Saffron Almond, Creamy Classic and Pistachio Almond. Use it to make delicious milk for babies, which they drink with pleasure


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