Biscuit Normal Britannia Marie Gold, 70g




Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar Free Cream Cracker Biscuits – Thin, Light, Crispy

About the Product

A cream cracker that is totally sugar-free. Britannia NutriChoice Sugar-free Cracker is your perfectly healthy biscuit, made with absolutely zero sugar. These sugar-free biscuits are now Thinner, Lighter and Crispier than ever before! Made with Zero sugar, Zero Transfat and No Added Colours, these Cracker biscuits are healthy biscuits that make for a great accompaniment to your daily cup of tea. These crispy biscuits can also be perfectly paired with a hot cup of soup, green tea or with some delicious cheese. Add a bit of butter or your favourite toppings on the sugar-free cracker and you have a quick and healthy snack. The perfect health biscuits for all your cravings! Light biscuits that are thin, crispy and sugar-free – also available in another flavour – Nature Spice.


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