Godrej Protekt magic Powder-to-Liquid Handwash


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  • Contains: Bottle and 3 Refill packs (27g, makes total 600ml of hand wash)
  • POWDER-TO-LIQUID: World’s first powder-to-liquid hand wash
  • INDIA’S MOST AFFORDABLE HANDWASH: One refill makes 200 ml of hand wash that lasts up to 30 days
  • WITH NEEM AND ALOE VERA: The power of neem makes it tough on germs, while soothing Aloe Vera makes it gentle on the skin & protects hands without drying them out
  • EASY TO MAKE: Add 200ml clean water + pour handwash refill powder in the bottle + shake & with that, you get one full bottle of handwash
  • DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCE: Comes with a mild, delightful fragrance to keep your hands fresh all day long
  • SUSTAINABLE: Uses 50% less plastic, less paper and 75% less fuel as compared to other hand washes in packaging and transportation


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